Are you:

  • Seeking markers and support for your own (or your family’s) spiritual journey?
  • Seeking a Bible based Church?
  • Wanting to know and grow in a God who loves you and the world, Christ centered without being judgmental?
  • Seeking opportunities to engage positively in the lives of others?
  • Needing a “place” to explore your beliefs?
  • Looking for a fellowship to encourage your life and faith?

Our worship is lively and traditional in form:  We value the Scriptures; we participate with enthusiasm;
our musical offerings are important to us.

Our spirituality ranges from active to contemplative, personal to corporate (and sometimes all of these!).

Our Christian education and faith formation opportunities span all ages.

As believers we are finding new ways to actively serve and engage the world around us.

We are a “hospital for sinners,” not a “museum for saints.”

We are learning to discern God’s leading together.  

We are Presbyterian but share our witness with Christians and churches of many stripes.