Belle Valley Church loves recycling! Not only is it wonderful to do our small part as stewards of God’s green earth, the money we raise goes to helping God’s family.
We accept:
• Magazines & Newspapers, bundled and tied with string or twine OR packaged in paper or plastic grocery bags
• Aluminum cans
• Miscellaneous aluminum, such as siding, gutters, window frames, etc.
• Miscellaneous aluminum, copper, and bronze (including wiring and tubing)
• Inkjet cartridges & used cell phones! Please drop them off in our foyer collection bin.
Volunteers gather on a Saturday morning each month (as needed) between 8 – 10am. A white trailer bed is located just west of the church parking lot for convenient newspaper drop off at any time. A green Gannon clothing collection bin for charity is also located @ the rear western edge of our parking lot. The Waste Management cardboard bins are no longer offered at our parking lot.

Recycling Coordinators (Rick Leasure);  814-739-2485