With the announcement of the “greening of NW PA,” our session gathered to finalize our immediate plans:
1) Due to the numbers of vulnerable “at-risk” groups in our congregation (those 60+, those in midst of treatments for serious disease–like cancer, diabetes, COPD, A-fib, congestive heart disease, etc.), and the fact that our COVID numbers still haven’t plateaued and decreased, session voted to remain in a sheltered frame of mind with our worship and fellowship opportunities until Sept. 13 (Rally Day). The feeling is, as well, that our attendance numbers are down in the summer, and therefore, it wouldn’t be as big a sacrifice as the regular part of the year! We’re hoping to add to a societal security effort vs. this pandemic rather than add to its spread! Elmwood Church session has also decided to do the same.
2) We are going to experiment with outdoor services on July 19, and August 23, socially distancing themselves and wearing masks. No singing, hugging, shaking hands, etc. We will still have music and probably special soloists(s). But all of these measures will be instituted to protect all! We will still live-stream for all those who are anxious about coming to our outdoor svcs. And in anticipation of possible inclement weather, we are exploring using an fm translator to broadcast svcs. on your car radio fm channels. We may still try to have a drive-in movie picnic in late July, depending on the course of Covid cases over the next few weeks in NW PA. We will keep you all posted.
Pastor Dave