Sunday School

Sunday for all ages @9:30am

It’s Sunday School Time! – Hello all!  It is time for school, Sunday school that is.   We hope everyone had a relaxing summer and are ready to get back to learning more about God’s Word.  We are all excited to start the new year!  The teachers are ready with new and exciting lessons.  The classrooms are ready.  We are just waiting for you and your children!  This year, we will not be having devotions before Sunday school, so classes will start at 9:30am for all. Adults through children will go immediately to their classrooms.  No need to go to the sanctuary first. The Adult class and Men’s class will continue to meet at their normal time of 9:30. Hope to see you all in Sunday school!



 We will be starting promptly at 9:30 AM every week.  The first two weeks we will be meeting in the Faith Café.  We will be showing a


On Sunday, September 23, 2018 we will start a new series during Sunday School.  We will delve into Genesis from Scratch: its literary quality and its insight into the human condition.  There are numerous interesting and well told stories that capture the imagination and touch the common humanity that we all share.  They address such basic human concerns as “Why are we here?”  And “How can siblings live together productively and peaceably?”  So please continue to join us this year as we study another book of the Bible.  A true beginning!