Sunday School

Sunday for all ages:

Sunday school is here!  Where are you?  Everyone needs to be here!


                                          New Fall Bible Study

                Our Bible study for the Fall is called, “Invitation to Psalms.”

This Class is a 10 week study of the Psalms. In the Book of Psalms, the grand promise of the reign of God is constantly colliding with the gritty, historical experience of God’s people. The struggle of God’s people to make sense of who God is and who they are becomes as volatile as the grinding plates of continents. In response to this struggle, the writers of the Psalms can be heard both praising God’s faithfulness and lamenting God’s absence; both thanking God and complaining to God; both praying in hope and crying in fear. In so doing, these writers have left behind profound texts of grace and glory unmatched in scared literature.

We are going to engage the Psalms at the deepest levels of our hearts, where God’s faithfulness confronts the most challenging aspects of our lives, compelling us to ask, “How long, O Lord” Will you hide yourself forever?” (Psalm 89), and in the same breath pray, “Great is the Lord and greatly to be Praised” (Psalm 48)

Here’s how it will be: Each week you need to pick up the material for the class and read through the material. Then attend the class. We will have a mixture of discussing the readings and video presentations from the authors. Classes will be the first and fourth Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the adult Sunday school class room.

December 6th             “A Theology of the Imagination”

No Class on December 27th

                                               Remember don’t forget to pick up the material!