Sunday School

Sunday for all ages:

Sunday school is here!  Where are you?  Everyone needs to be here!


                                          New Bible Study for the Spring

We have started a new Bible Study series. It is called “Embracing the Prophets in Contemporary Culture”. What was the message of these remarkable poet-prophets in their own time and place? What is their message for us today? Who are today’s prophetic voices? How has the contemporary church been co-opted by culture? What steps can we take to reclaim the prophetic message of distributive justice, nonviolence, loss and hope? And what is your role in bringing God’s perspective to today’s society?

These are the questions and thoughts that we will work on in the coming weeks. The author of this study is Walter Brueggemann. He is a world-wide known Old Testament scholar and our guide throughout this study. Join us as we make sense of what the prophets have said for our lives today!


The Classes start at 7pm in the church parlor. Bring your Bible with you.

March 7th     –             Moses, Pharaoh, the Prophets and Us

March 28th   –             The Prophets as Purveyors of the Covenant

                                               Remember don’t forget to pick up the material!