One of the great benefits in being a Christian is that we have direct contact with our Lord. Take the time to read 2 Corinthians 3:2-4:6. In that text, Paul underlines the astounding difference between Moses and our experience with God. God has graciously revealed His presence, His glory, for us to witness in Christ. And the result is that we can be changed into Christ’s image from one degree of glory to another. The Christian life is transformation into Christlikeness!

That’s what we all need, isn’t it? We all long to be more like Christ in character, attitude, action, and reaction. Human personality can be changed. Day by day, as we pray Moses’ prayer “Show me thy glory!” we can know Paul’s assurance that the “Glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” can have lasting radiance on our faces. We do not have to wear a veil to hide a fading radiance.

And the process of being glorified in Christ never stops. We are not the persons we were and we are not what we will be. The Lord is up to a great work in us. Our only task is to give Him full authority, complete control, absolute obedience and attention. The more we concentrate on Christ, the more, by His grace, we are refashioned into His image.

Do you really want that? Tell the Lord. He is more ready to answer that prayer than we are to ask. But when we do, we will notice the difference in our relationships and the way we handle the pressures of our responsibilities. Christ’s love and forgiveness, peace and power, hope and courage will be unmistakable.

World Communion Sunday is October 1st. Why not start the month off right by celebrating “The Lord’s Supper” with your brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray that I see you there.


Pastor Rick