Summer time is on, and the living is easy – SOMETIMES! But sometime trouble follows us wherever we go. Worry happens at any time, at anyplace. One of the great sources of worry for all of us is what we will say in life’s challenging moments. I know that is something I have often thought about.

Read Matthew 10:1-42. In this passage Jesus gives us assurance that the Holy Spirit will give us the thoughts, words, and courage to speak. Our only task is to open our minds in calm expectation of wisdom beyond our own capacity. We were never meant to be adequate on our own. It is when we think we are adequate that we get into trouble. A Christian is not one who works for the Lord but one in whom and through whom the Lord works. We are not to speak for God but to yield our tongues to express the thoughts the Lord has implanted. We need not worry. The Lord will never let us down!

As you look at the passage, note the progression in Jesus’ challenge. The Spirit speaks in us before He speaks through us. He gives us x-ray vision in discerning situations and people. When we calmly ask what he has to say, He will speak in the deepest regions of our inner self. He will infuse thoughts into the tissue of our brains, love in our emotions so that we can “speak the truth in love,” and keenness in our wills to dare to communicate what He has revealed to us.

The people in our lives today will need us to be open channels of the Spirit’s discernment. But what we have to say will be heard only if we have expressed loving concern for them. People will feel instinctively whether we are really for them or not.

The Holy Spirit in us makes us have supernatural capacities. We are equipped by the Lord for life’s problems and complexities. Surrender the situation to Him. Ask Christ to speak through you. And He will! See you in church.


Pastor Rick