We are on our journey. That is – our Lenten journey. During our time on this Lenten journey we are to conduct a self-examination. So here’s your question. Are you ever troubled by how little impact we Christians in the church have on the world? Do you ever get disturbed by the fact that in our homes, community, and world there are tensions, troubles, and tragedies which we ought to be able to heal, but cannot?

Does it concern you that Christianity has had a relatively insignificant effect on history? We have the answer for the riddle of life, the key to unlock the potentialities of life, and the secret for the discovery of joy, peace, and power. And yet we seem to be ineffective in sharing God’s secret and really affecting our society. Why?

Take the time to read Matthew 17:14-21. After the man had left with his healed son, rejoicing, the disciples were eager to know why they had failed so miserably. “What did we do wrong? Why could we not cast out this demon?”

They asked for it! They left themselves wide open. It was a moment for truth. Jesus was simple and direct: “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.”

What Jesus meant was, “In a life of sustained communion with God lies the power to deal with evil. You have not paid a sufficient price of personal devotion to be able to deal with a problem like this.” The reason was in their need for prayer.

Jesus’ answer would be no difference today. If we were to ask Him why we are so ineffective in healing human needs, affecting our society, and shaping our history, He would tell us that the answer is to be found in prayer. The complex needs of a time like this can be met only with the power of prayer. Then our words will be like a trumpet call with a ring of reality.

As we continue our Lenten journey your communication with our Lord is vital. Stretch yourself in different directions this year. Go deeper in your relationship with our Savior. See you in church!


Pastor Rick