Date and Time

 Worship with communion with guest singers “The Harmonizers” Sunday 8-4 starting at 10:00am
Membership & Outreach/ Music & Worship meeting Tuesday 8-6 starting at 7:00pm
8th Annual Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Family & Friends Waldameer picnic Saturday 8-10 at 12:00pm
Worship with Deacon meeting after worship Sunday 8-11 starting at 10:00am
B&G, P&S, C&E meetings Wednesday 8-14 starting at 6:00pm
 VBS Fri. 16th & Sat. 17th
 Faith Cafe` court yard concert  Sat. 8-17 at 6:30pm
Court yard Worship service, nominating committee meeting Sun. 8-18 starting at 10:00am
 Men’s Brotherhood meeting  Mon. 8-19 at 6:00pm