2019 Lenten Series – Sermon on the Mount

We begin a worship and study series on the Sermon on the Mount, where Christ’s classic preaching formula was found in a critical comparison: “You have heard it said…But I say to you.” Jesus was critically calling into question the teaching of the religious authorities of his day, the truth-tellers, or so everyone thought. Jesus was establishing the start of his public ministry with a clear call for truth, for transparency, for being straight with his audience. We will journey through some of Jesus’ most familiar teaching in Matthew’s gospel, chapters 5-7, and see how they relate and powerfully reveal that the cross itself is the ultimate sermon on the mount for our journey of faith during this sacred season!

Mar. 3 (Communion; Birthday Coffee Hour): Sermon on the Mount series—”Blessed Are You” (Joel 2, I Peter 2, Matt. 5)

Mar. 6 Ash Wednesday Service of Communion & Ashes @ Elmwood Presbyterian Church, 7pm (w/combined choirs)

Mar. 10 (Lent I): Sermon on the Mount series—”Salt and Light” (Micah 6, Ephesians 5, Matt. 6)

Mar. 17 (Lent II): Sermon on the Mount series—“Prayer and Fasting” (I Samuel 2, I Thess. 5, Matt. 6)

Mar. 24 (Lent III): Sermon on the Mount series—”Do Not Worry” (Isaiah 41, Philippians 4, Matt. 6)

Mar. 31 (Lent IV; Penny Sunday; Sunday Funday 12:15pm): Sermon on the Mount series—“Judge Not” (Isaiah 11, Romans 2, Matt. 7)

Apr. 7 (Lent V; Communion; Birthday Coffee Hour): Sermon on the Mount series—“Build on Rock” (Isaiah 51, I Cor. 3, Matt. 7)

Apr. 14 (Palm Sunday): The Sermon on the Mount series—“Ask, Seek, Knock” (Zech. 9, I John 5, Matt. 7); 6pm Seder Experience (BVPC)

Apr. 18: Maundy Thursday Svc. of Communion @ Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, 7pm, joint choirs (“The Golden Rule”—Lev. 19, I Cor. 11, Matt. 7)

Apr. 19 (Good Friday): 6:30am Men’s Communion Bkft. (“The Tree and It’s Fruit”—Gen. 3, Colossians 2, Matt. 7); 12-3pm Passion Prayer Vigil

Apr. 21 (Easter): 6:30am Community “Sonrise” Svc. @ Wintergreen Gorge; 11am Svc. of the Resurrection—“Treasures in Heaven” (Deut. 26, I Cor. 15, Matt. 28); Kids’ Easter Egg Hunt, 12:15pm (after worship in cemetery, weather permitting)

Apr. 28: (Eastertide I; Penny Sunday; Sunday Funday 12:15pm)


There is also a “Sermon on the Mount” Bible Study Opportunity on Wednesday Evenings during Lent!  Click for event details:  http://presbyteriannetwork.com/bellevalleychurch/2019/03/06/sermon-on-the-mount-bible-study/